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Bay and Bow Windows in Birmingham

Our custom Bay and Bow Windows add beautiful style to fill your rooms with plenty of natural light and fresh air. In the Birmingham area, count on us to provide you with a full range of customizable options for all your home improvement projects.

What are Bay Windows?

A bay window offers an excellent way to expand the space in your home and create a sense of openness in any room. It extends outward from your home’s wall and features three separate window units. The center window aligns parallel to the house’s wall, often designed as a picture window that provides unobstructed views of the outdoors. The adjacent two windows are typically double-hung or casement styles. 

By protruding outward from the house, the bay window contributes additional space and personality to the room. Its classic design ensures it remains a valued feature in any living space.

What are Bow Windows? 

A bow window, similar to a bay window, extends outward from the home, creating a perception of expanded interior space while providing a panoramic outside view. It typically consists of three to six equally sized window units, arranged to form a curved structure. For ventilation, casement window units are often chosen, and there is also an option to include a stationary picture window.

Can We Switch a Picture Window to a Bay or Bow Window?

Absolutely! What better way to enhance your living area than by integrating a bay or bow window, which can be easily fitted with minimal structural modifications. Our adaptable bay and bow windows are designed to complement existing picture windows of various sizes.

At The Window Source of Birmingham, our skilled artisans seamlessly integrate your new window with existing overhangs to anchor your window securely, or they can be equipped with an optional roof assembly for added function. Our expert local installers guarantee that every window appears as though it was always a part of your home, avoiding the appearance of an aftermarket addition.

There’s no better time to elevate both the interior and exterior of your home with the addition of a sophisticated bay or bow window.

Features of Our Bay and Bow Windows:

  • Multi-chambered 3 1/4 inch vinyl window frames
  • Heavy-duty solid wood buck frame with steel mullion rods securely supports entire bow or bay unit
  • The head and seat are 1-inch exterior grade plywood with birch veneer paintable finish or upgrade to stainable oak.
  • Double-hung, casements and picture windows are available with an interior wood grain finish for a completely finished wood grain appearance
  • Structure supports spacious projection for visual depth and utility
  • Warm edge spacer system
  • Exterior vinyl cladding is completely maintenance-free
  • Can be built into exterior soffit area for protection and a finished look
  • Optional shingle roof package
  • Optional superior insulated seat board
  • Meet Energy Star requirements with select glass packages

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